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Zapeze prevents identity theft and protects your sensitive data allowing you to erase your hard disk remotely, if your laptop or desktop computer has been stolen. You manage your computers registered to this service via our secure web interface. If one of your computers is stolen, you simply log on to your account on the Zapeze server from any online computer and issue a wipe data command. The client software installed on the stolen computer receives this command (usually within minutes), and proceeds with erasure of all data. In minutes the computer will lock up and cannot be rebooted. The hard drive has been rendered inoperable as critical system files are erased as well as your personal data. Although the computer has been stolen and you cannot access it physically, your remote command will insure your data is completely erased, thereby protecting your security. Once you have issued the wipe command, you can check the status from our website and see immediately when the command has been received by the stolen computer, setting your mind at ease. Insurance can always replace the hardware, but you have the security of knowing your personal data is completely wiped out.

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